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This collection consists of Kodachrome stereo transparencies of The Arches Café, John Vilelle in his garden and the Mariner's Mile section of Pacific Coast Highway. The collection includes fifteen images of The Arches Café, which Vilelle founded in 1926 and sold in 1955. A single image is dated 1954. The other transparencies of The Arches Restaurant are undated exterior shots of the building during a remodeling, ca. 1956, after Vilelle had sold the establishment. Most images of the Mariner's Mile section of Pacific Coast Highway were taken from Vilelle's home at 230 Ocean View Ave., which overlooked Pacific Coast Highway. Two of the images show buildings along Pacific Coast Highway burning on the night of January 11, 1975. Several other images taken later show the damage wrought by the fire, which was the largest fire in the city of Newport Beach up to that time.